Elana F. Stanger is a licensed clinical social worker (L.C.S.W.), social justice artist & peacemaker, writer & healer, storyteller & singer, and is Founder and President of Diversity Arts, Inc., a not-for-profit organization building intercultural unity and honoring our cultural diversity, through her art, music, writing, dialogue facilitation, and therapeutic healing work.  Elana helps us all collectively envision and live in a world of peace, love, harmony, and social justice.  In the near future, and with your valued support, Diversity Arts will begin presenting Unity Theater.  This interactive, theatrical performance will create an attunement experience for human beings of diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences enabling participants to empathically relate to one another and build bridges through storytelling, singing, visual art, poetry, dialogue and ritual centered on understanding and respecting our cultural diversity while celebrating our unity.  Unity Theater may, in certain circumstances, be followed by a community and/or organizational development component as well.  We invite you to weave a beautiful tapestry with us of sound, story, and spirit through Elana Stanger’s Art to Touch the Heart!  (If you want to understand more about the reason Elana makes art to heal racism and build intercultural unity, please visit Elana’s Mission page on this website.  To view some of Elana’s artwork, please visit Elana’s Gallery page).

Elana F. Stanger now resides in Philadelphia and New York City, and was born and raised in the Bronx.

Diversity Arts inspires peace, social justice, equality and multicultural unity with powerful, beautiful, thought-provoking original art. Our designs are also available on T-Shirts, posters, and many other useful and beautiful products that will help spread unity. Get in touch to learn more.