Listening is healing.  When we take the time to listen to another’s story, we learn more about that person while the person is able to heal as we give them our attention.  We must put aside our own hurts temporarily to have our ears, eyes and hearts fully available to listen to someone else in […]

One Sun For Everyone!

What better way is there for us to understand our interconnectedness as human beings than to realize that there is only one Sun that shines for us and we are all equally dependent on it.  Though most of us take little time to consider it, the Sun and other elements of nature grow our food […]


“DiverCity” is an imaginary city though not unlike any of our real cities today, which are diverse and home to many different peoples of many different colors, cultures, genders, languages, ages, abilities, sizes, classes, religions, sexual orientations, ethnicities, and beliefs.  DiverCity is a place of spirituality and intercultural unity. If our planet could be considered […]

White Soul Flight

Whiteness is an artificially constructed, racial identity designed to keep certain people in power and others out. Dismantling Whiteness is critical to dismantling racism. To effectively do this, first I must understand and accept that I am White, and no matter my socioeconomic background, gender, sexual orientation, or religion, etc., I must recognize that I […]